Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Synchronicity: The Story of Wishes on a Clock

Let me tell you a secret,
In case you didn’t know:
Every time the clock
Has numbers that show
All the same at once,
Like three thirty-three,
You get to make a wish,
And your wish is free.
The same is true with
Two twenty-two,
And four forty-four.
So, wish out of the blue.
By five fifty-five
Or ten minutes past ten
You have more chances
To make a wish again.
By eleven-eleven or
Twelve minutes past twelve,
You can pull out the wishes
That you put on the shelve.
Keep your eye on the clock
And wish throughout the day!
By the time you go to sleep,
You wished the bad away,
And all things are good,
As good as can be.
Wishes are child’s play,
And wishes are key.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters


A lonely little girl makes a new best friend from her favorite foods—marshmallows and peanut butter.

Ten-year-old Bethany wants to make new friends. She sneaks into her father’s marshmallow factory, leaves the machine on all night, and turns out a huge marshmallow. Once Bethany makes a peanut butter face on it, her dad can’t destroy it. The marshmallow wants to be Bethany’s pal, and he’s accepted into her home, becomes her new best friend, and even wins her more friends at school.

Bethany Buttercup, age 10, wants to make new friends and gets the bright idea to leave the marshmallow tube on overnight in her father’s factory, creating a puffy white friend as big as a snowman. Bethany creeps through the window into her father’s factory and turns on the machine, which creates a marshmallow larger than human size.

In the morning her dad finds out about it and says she was caught on video, so don’t deny it. Bethany suggests that she come with her father to the factory. Upon arrival Bethany jumps out of the car with her jar of peanut butter and runs onto the factory floor. She paints a personality face on her new marshmallow-cotton ball friend. She is in awe, but her father overreacts again in shock. Her father threatens to hose it down with water but the Marshmallow suggests that he become Bethany’s pal. Her dad reluctantly agrees, but says he will roast the marshmallow at a campfire if he causes his business any problems.

The Buttercups make Peanut Butter Marshmallow welcome in their home. Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Bethany do everything children do with their best friends. If anyone bullies Bethany, the Marshmallow rolls them right out of the way. When he comes with her to Best Friend Day at school, Bethany is the most popular girl in her grade. Despite all, Mr. Buttercup comes to love Peanut Butter Marshmallow and even creates a line of special marshmallows with peanut butter filling. Of course, Bethany takes the credit, for without her insistence on creating a new best friend, no one would have ever eaten peanut butter marshmallows.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also, even at the bottom of the sea.

A seahorse prince searches for the lost Titanic treasure to ensure the building of a kingdom greater than any other king before him. Captured and left for dead by pirates, he’s rescued by a lovely seahorse whose gentle heart opens to his guarded one. It isn’t until he loses her that he realizes what real treasure is and does not stop until he wins her back and makes her his beloved queen.  

Frederick the Seahorse loves to scour the ocean floor, looking for the Titanic’s lost sea chest. Although Frederick’s father King Maris, and his father before him have ruled the Kingdom of Kaimana they have not been able to find the lost treasure. Afraid of running out of treasure and losing his kingdom like Uncle Makai, Frederick, an only child and next in line for the throne, insists he must find the treasure so as not to be overshadowed by their rich neighbor King Saewine and his sons. King Maris tells Frederick to make sure he doesn’t squander the wealth he already has and that it would be better for Frederick to find a bride and start a family. But Frederick longs to have as much treasure as possible, so that statues are made of him, similar to those of his father and Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Later that night, when the ocean grows dark, Frederick sets out on an expedition without his father’s consent. He writes a note on a seashell, and when his father finds it, the King weeps in remorse, fearing that Frederick will die in search of a vain treasure chest. After weeks of swimming past sharks in the fierce ocean waves, Frederick washes ashore on an unknown island. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself lying next to a sea chest of treasure, guarded by pirates with sharp swords. Frederick begs to go back to his father. But the band of pirates wraps Frederick up in ropes and weights, takes him out on their ship, and bounces him off the plank. Frederick sinks to the bottom of the ocean. In order to taunt him, the pirates drop a shiny diamond with Frederick, which lands at his nose on the ocean floor. Just as he is about to give up hope, he thinks he is having a vision: A gorgeous red-orange seahorse named Naia saves Frederick’s life by unraveling the ropes secured by the pirates.

Frederick explains to Naia that he has been searching for the sea chest from the Titanic. Stunned, she says she enjoys the ocean’s beauty more than an old chest from that sunken ship. Frederick notices how beautiful Naia’s blue eyes are in the sunlight. Leaving the pirates’ diamond behind, he asks her to come with him to meet his parents. Naia asks her friend Guppy to send word to her father that she will be gone for a few days. She tells Guppy that it’s finally true love. After days of swimming in the ocean, Frederick and Naia dance in the waves to more than one melody. Trying to nudge Frederick into admitting that he admires her, Naia ask him if he has a seahorse in mind to be his wife. When he says “no” and that he’s trying to acquire wealth first, Naia swims back to her father, despite Frederick’s protest. Days later when Frederick finds her in an ocean cavern with her friend Guppy, he’s afraid she won’t even speak to him. After desperately apologizing, Naia forgives Frederick. When the two seahorses swim to King Maris’ throne, the King and Queen are speechless at their arrival. Frederick asks Naia to marry him and a tear fills Naia’s eye as she kisses him, knowing she loves him more than anyone—even her father, King Saewine, the richest king in the ocean.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pizza Party Pizzazz: The Story of Pilled-High Pies

Pizza is as popular
As Italy’s famous boot.
First you roll the dough
Into a face that looks cute.
New York-style Pizza
Is wide with a thin crust.
Folding it when you eat
Is an extra tasty must.
Neapolitan pizza comes
With a fork and a knife.
Margherita style with
Tomatoes brings a good life.
Sicilian-style is thick
And squarer than the rest.
It’s cut in a rectangle.
With herbs, it tastes best.
Chicago-style pizza is
Deep with cheese and meat.
It takes a while to bake,
So, turn up the oven heat!
Detroit-style is square,
But it’s also lighter than air.
Wisconsin brick cheese
Instead of mozzarella fare.
Calzones are like dumplings
But apples aren’t their fill.
Cheese, veggies, and meat
Are folded in with a skill.
Crispy crust, soft crust,
Extra spicy pizza sauce.
Pizza toppings abound.
Sprinkle them with a toss.
Ham and pineapple,
Bacon and alfredo,
Barbecue and chicken
Is a very good credo.
Onion with caramel
And mushrooms on top.
Throw on the pepperoni,
Plop, chop, plop.
Cheese is nice for melting.
Flavor it all away!
Parmesan on mozzarella
Is good any ol’ day.
If you want to go all out,
Make a pizza cake
Like a bundt cake roll.
It won’t be a mistake.
Or pigs in a blanket,
Pizza pretzels for a change.
Stromboli, or fruit pizza
With a theme you can arrange.
Everyone loves pizza!
You can never loose.
Have a party day or night!
Dessert pizza with a juice.
Pile your pizzas high
With lots of pizzazz.
Turn up the music
Pizza has a lot of jazz!

Copyright 2017 Jennifer Waters 

Thursday, November 9, 2017


A penguin with an amazing voice dares the doubts of others and a dangerous ocean voyage to follow his unusual dreams and successfully sing in the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Born to sing the Opera, a singing penguin named Emperor finds a pamphlet featuring “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart at the Opera House in New York, starring Alberto Matteo dressed in a black and white outfit, which looks like his own penguin suit. Despite his family’s discouragement, Emperor courageously sets off on his ice raft to New York City. He meets a dolphin family who travels with him, keeping sharks away, and an albatross, who feeds him fish. When Emperor goes to the Opera House, the manager decides that a penguin who can sing might attract crowds. During his audition, the casting director is impressed he’s already dressed for the job, and he is hired as Alberto Matteo’s understudy. Matteo tells Emperor he must follow his dreams. Months later, Emperor’s family surprises him by arriving at a concert in New York, and Emperor becomes as famous as Alberto Matteo, not only for his voice, but his perfect suit. 

Emperor the Penguin of the Antarctic loves to sing, even if his friends and family don’t appreciate his talent. One day he comes across a pamphlet drifting in the ocean. It features “The Marriage of Figaro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. He notices a male vocalist named Alberto Matteo dressed in a black and white outfit, which looks like his penguin suit with tails. Despite the discouragement of his family, Emperor decides he is born to sing the Opera and must travel to New York City. Emperor courageously sets off on his ice raft with the pamphlet. Along the way, he meets Delfina Dominique and her dolphin family who love to sing. They travel with Emperor, keeping sharks away. He also meets Jack the Albatross, whose unlucky luck helps by feeding him fish. Persevering through lonely nights, wind, and storm, Emperor arrives months later in New York. The dolphin family says goodbye to Emperor, while Jack goes with him into the big city. He asks Delfina to send word to his family that he made it to New York and to please come visit him.

Walking through Times Square, most pedestrians wondered what a penguin was doing on the sidewalk, insisting he is meant to sing Opera at the Metropolitan Opera House. Emperor budges at the front doors until the manager asks him to come back tomorrow for tickets. Emperor explains he needs to audition. The manager says penguins don’t sing and turns off the lights. To prove him wrong, Emperor croons with a beautiful baritone voice in front of the dark Opera House. As the penguin keeps singing, a crowd gathers. The manager bursts through the doors, telling him to come back tomorrow morning for an audition. Of course, a penguin who can sing might attract crowds. Emperor pleads to sleep in the Opera House for the night with Jack. So, Emperor snores on a soft chair in the auditorium. In the morning, Emperor stands inside the stage door, nervously.

After the penguin finishes singing a gorgeous passage from “The Marriage of Figaro” he bows and stands with pride. The casting director is impressed that he is already dressed for the job, and he is hired immediately as Alberto Matteo’s understudy. After meeting Mr. Matteo with the help of Jack, Alberto tells Emperor he must follow his dreams. Months later, Emperor’s family arrives in New York to happily see him perform the Opera. Emperor the Penguin becomes as famous as Alberto Matteo, not only for his voice, but for his black and white suit. It all started because Emperor had enough courage to take a journey alone on an ice raft through unchartered waters.