Friday, February 24, 2017

Storybook Dollhouse: The Tale of Miniature Lives

My storybook dollhouse has only begun.
I might be a child, but I’m not that young.
I’m building the house from the ground up,
Putting items in place, each plate and cup.
My house has a living room, dining room, den,
A kitchen to eat, bedrooms to sleep, and then,
Bathrooms for bathing, a nursery for baby,
An office for working, and a play room, maybe.
I’ve painted the walls and papered them, too.
Don’t worry, I’ve left space just for you.
The fixtures are gorgeous; the attic unique,
The basement has a door that makes a squeak.
My porch has a swing and a garden with flowers.
If I was a miniature girl, I could sit there for hours.
The windows are big; there’s even a checkered floor.
The ceilings are high. Who could ask for more?
Now I’m waiting for my romance to be real,  
All grown up, this would be more than ideal!
Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snowfall: The Story of Ice Crystals from the Winter Sky

One snowflake, two snowflake,
Three snowflake, four,
Five snowflake, six snowflake,
Seven snowflake, more!

Fascination in cold months.
Hopeful free-for-all,
Artistry that’s quiet,
Ice crystals, white squall.

Like sand on a beach,
Not one same design.
The crystals are unique.
Identical flakes you won’t find.

A flake is geometric,
With systematic shapes.
Largest crystals fall the farthest.
From heav’n, they did traipse.

Like fingerprints of angels,
Patterns with plan inside,
Star snowflakes are common.
Keep your eyes open wide.

As a melting snowman,
Wind might break flakes apart,
But across the nighttime sky,
They still look like Winter’s heart.

A masterpiece of Nature’s hand,
Snow crystals of chilling beauty.
Melting in your palm at once,
To love them, a child’s duty.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters