Thursday, March 1, 2018


Time-traveling shoes offer a twelve-year girl a world of adventures, but her first mishap-ridden journey warns her to seek some experienced advice before her next trip. 

Twelve-year-old Aiyana Mitchell sits on the back porch of her home in Philadelphia wearing her Bubblegum Taffy Hot Pink High Heels. With these time-traveling shoes, a secret gift from her adventurous Aunt Olivia, she can travel to the future and the past. Despite her mother’s warning to stay in the present, Aiyana decides to travel to the early 1900’s and finds herself in a boat on a lake with swans, wearing a lace dress with a fancy parasol. Surprised to be there, she lets the parasol slips from her hand, the boat capsizes, and she falls into the lake. When her time-traveling shoes slip off and sink to the bottom she fears she’ll be stuck in the 1900’s forever and calls for help. Aiyana decides if she ever comes back to the past or braves the future, she needs to ask her aunt for advice. It has to go better next time, she hopes.

Twelve-year-old Aiyana Mitchell has her Bubblegum Taffy Hot Pink High Heels on. She loves to sit on the back porch in the suburbs of Philadelphia. With her time-traveling shoes, she can travel to the future and the past. The shoes are a special, secret gift from her Aunt Olivia, who used them to travel so many places it seems she is on a constant vacation. But Aiyana’s mom always says: “It’s better to stay in the present—forget about the past and wait for the future.”

Despite her mother’s warning, Aiyana wants the adventure and mystery of the time-traveling shoes. She hides them under her bed and her mom never notices them. Now that she’s ready to use them, she thinks about traveling to the early 1900’s to a lake with a boat and a fancy parasol and swans. When she closes her eyes, she appears with a lace dress on, sitting in a boat on a lake. Aiyana grabs the side of the boat with her left hand. The parasol slips from her right hand.

Then the boat capsizes, and she falls into the lake. In all the commotion, Aiyana’s time-traveling shoes slip off and sink to the bottom. Fearing she’ll be stuck in the 1900’s forever, she pulls herself back up the side of the boat and cries: “Someone help me get my shoes back!” A proper gentleman in a full-body swimming suit, dives in her direction. Insisting she’s from the future she says she’d appreciate it so much if he would dive in and find her shoes, so she could return to 2018.

He makes a couple of dives then finally a hand arises with the Bubblegum Taffy Hot Pink High Heels and hands them to Aiyana. She pours out the sand and puts the shoes back on. Aiyana returns to the present on the back porch with her mother calling. As Aiyana walks into the kitchen, she creates a trail of footprints and a puddle of lake water. As her mom cleans up the mess, Aiyana runs upstairs before her mom can see her Bubblegum Taffy Hot Pink High Heels. Before she goes time-traveling again, she’ll ask her aunt for advice. It has to go better next time, she thinks to herself.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Chubby Cheeks: The Story of the Skunk Who Wanted To Be a Squirrel

“I wish I had chubby cheeks instead of such a stinky scent, but then I’d have to be a squirrel, and I’m only a skunk,” said Patches the Skunk, whisking his black and white tail behind him.
“If I had chubby cheeks like a squirrel boy, then I could find my own squirrel girl, and I wouldn’t have to be made fun of for smelling and making everyone hold their noses,” he said, hanging his head.
There was a certain squirrel girl named Nibbles that Patches the Skunk had admired for quite some time.
He adored her blue eyes and brown coat, but he was too embarrassed to tell her how he felt because of his overwhelming odor. The smell was so bad that animals could smell him coming for yards.
Every time Nibbles smelled Patches, she usually hurried the other way before he could speak to her.
Though he was sure he loved her more than any other animal, Patches had never spoken to her.
“I have to find a way to speak to Nibbles,” he said, hiding behind a large green bush with twigs.
“Maybe she could just pretend that I’m a squirrel instead of a skunk and everyone would like me.”
Gathering sweet-smelling flowers from the forest, Patches tied them to his tail to cover up his scent.
“I suppose it’s now or never,” Patches said to himself, jumping from behind the bush to greet Nibbles on her daily hunt for nuts. “I’ll just pretend like I don’t smell anything other than the flowers.”
As Nibbles gathered nuts, her adorable cheeks got bigger and bigger, almost like they would soon burst.
“Darling, these flowers are for you,” Patches said. “You have the cutest chubby cheeks I’ve ever seen.”
“Chubby cheeks! I look fat and ugly,” she said, talking with her mouth full of nuts. “Umm, but those are the most beautiful smelling flowers I’ve ever received. All the squirrel boys think I’m overweight.”
“What nonsense! You’re beautiful just the way you are,” Patches said. “I love your chubby cheeks!”
Although it seemed like the oddest story of true love, Patches the Skunk and Nibbles the Squirrel lived happily ever after for the rest of their lives in the forest, and as long as he gave her flowers, she pretended that she didn’t smell is odor, and he loved her for her chubby cheeks.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Synchronicity: The Story of Wishes on a Clock

Let me tell you a secret,
In case you didn’t know:
Every time the clock
Has numbers that show
All the same at once,
Like three thirty-three,
You get to make a wish,
And your wish is free.
The same is true with
Two twenty-two,
And four forty-four.
So, wish out of the blue.
By five fifty-five
Or ten minutes past ten
You have more chances
To make a wish again.
By eleven-eleven or
Twelve minutes past twelve,
You can pull out the wishes
That you put on the shelve.
Keep your eye on the clock
And wish throughout the day!
By the time you go to sleep,
You wished the bad away,
And all things are good,
As good as can be.
Wishes are child’s play,
And wishes are key.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters


A lonely little girl makes a new best friend from her favorite foods—marshmallows and peanut butter.

Ten-year-old Bethany wants to make new friends. She sneaks into her father’s marshmallow factory, leaves the machine on all night, and turns out a huge marshmallow. Once Bethany makes a peanut butter face on it, her dad can’t destroy it. The marshmallow wants to be Bethany’s pal, and he’s accepted into her home, becomes her new best friend, and even wins her more friends at school.

Bethany Buttercup, age 10, wants to make new friends and gets the bright idea to leave the marshmallow tube on overnight in her father’s factory, creating a puffy white friend as big as a snowman. Bethany creeps through the window into her father’s factory and turns on the machine, which creates a marshmallow larger than human size.

In the morning her dad finds out about it and says she was caught on video, so don’t deny it. Bethany suggests that she come with her father to the factory. Upon arrival Bethany jumps out of the car with her jar of peanut butter and runs onto the factory floor. She paints a personality face on her new marshmallow-cotton ball friend. She is in awe, but her father overreacts again in shock. Her father threatens to hose it down with water but the Marshmallow suggests that he become Bethany’s pal. Her dad reluctantly agrees, but says he will roast the marshmallow at a campfire if he causes his business any problems.

The Buttercups make Peanut Butter Marshmallow welcome in their home. Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Bethany do everything children do with their best friends. If anyone bullies Bethany, the Marshmallow rolls them right out of the way. When he comes with her to Best Friend Day at school, Bethany is the most popular girl in her grade. Despite all, Mr. Buttercup comes to love Peanut Butter Marshmallow and even creates a line of special marshmallows with peanut butter filling. Of course, Bethany takes the credit, for without her insistence on creating a new best friend, no one would have ever eaten peanut butter marshmallows.