Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Little Christmas: The Story of an Irish Mouse with a Big Heart

If you need a little Christmas inside your dreary house, 
Then you might need nothing more than a cheery mouse.  
Little Christmas is a Godsend on a stormy winter’s day. 
He has a big heart and always has something good to say. 
With an Irish accent, he carries luck inside his vest.
A three-leaf clover behind his ear brings some extra zest. 
He can sneak inside your stocking above your fireplace
And sprinkle cinnamon in your cider with a lot of grace.
He can snuggle on your shoulder, then slip into your shirt,
And sing carols right on key as he cooks a sweet dessert. 
Almost like a Wise Man with epiphany in his soul, 
He comes bearing gifts instead of ugly bags of coal.
So before you turn away a new friend with a tail, 
Welcome him in your home, and merry will prevail. 

Copyright 2019 Jennifer Waters

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