Friday, January 4, 2019

Raccoon Danger: The Story of a Night Creature

Most people think the daylight sun is the best, 
But Raccoon Danger loves the night, not a bit of rest. 
He scurries through the bushes and looks at the moon. 
He wears a black mask and likes to sing and croon. 
Underneath the starry, starry never-ending sky, 
He feels the safest in the night, and I know why. 
The night has a beauty that the day cannot hold.
Its poetry is extensive, and its paintings are bold. 
The planets come out like a connect-the-dots game. 
Ride a shooting star like a bright beaming flame. 
Have a snack or two underneath the dark yonder. 
Almost like Raccoon Danger, let your heart wander. 
The night will greet you well, just as the day, 
And you won’t be in danger, no matter what people say. 

Copyright 2019 Jennifer Waters

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