Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chitter Chatter: The Story of Wind-Up Teeth

Chitter chatter, What’s the matter?

I’m just a mouth of teeth.

Pitter patter, my feelings shatter,

When you tell me, I need a sheath.

I won’t hurt you unless I catch you

Inside my pearly whites. 

Oops, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking,

Only skeletons pick silly fights. 

Chitter chatter, what’s the matter?

I guess I already know. 

Kindness is always the best virtue.

Wind me up all aglow. 

So, keep your teeth inside your mouth,

Unless you lost your head. 

Mindless talking isn’t thoughtful— 

Someone with brains once said.


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whistling Tale: The Story of Trills and Toots

If you need to learn to whistle, 

Let me tell you a little tale. 

It’s the sure way to trill and toot. 

It will never ever fail. 

Put your lips together,

Like you’re going to kiss a frog,

Instead imagine a prince,

Not a fish or puppy dog. 

When you think of your darling, 

Your lips will get wet.

Then you’ll start to whistle. 

Don’t worry, I’m not done yet. 

Whistling is almost like singing,

And kissing makes you sing. 

So, if you want to learn to whistle,

Kiss your sweetheart as a king.

You can whistle for the world,

Whenever you want to whirl!

A girl can whistle her best, 

When a boy loves the girl!


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

Missing Marbles: The Story of Lois Lovejoy and the Lost Bag

My name is Lois Lovejoy, Sir, 

And I lost my marbles in a blur!

My marbles stay inside their bag, 

But they must have lost their tiny tag.

Marbles are more important than you think. 

They come in blue and yellow and pink.

I have a marble for each year of my growth,

My ten small pearls, with a sacred oath. 

I might start to shrink without the stones. 

Go back in time, ‘till I’m nothing but bones.

Marbles help you to remember things.

They’re better than fingers tied with strings.

To find my marbles before tomorrow,

It would save me a lot of sorrow. 

Where did I put them? I have to know!

It’s really hard to go-with-the-flow.

Maybe I left them in the kitchen sink.

Maybe I spilled them with my soda drink.

I could have left them beneath my pillow,

Or I could have fed them to my armadillo. 

You didn’t take them from me, did you?

I will be so upset. I don’t kid you!

You can always get your own set. 

Don’t you worry. Don’t you fret!

But now I have to find my own, 

It seems that I am dreamy–prone.

I might’ve lost my marbles in my sleep. 

They are special enough to keep!

Oh, wait a second, here they are.

They were never, ever far. 

They’ve been with me all along. 

Just didn’t see them! Ding dong!

My marbles were hanging ‘round my neck,

And I was such a terrible wreck, 

Wondering what I did with the ten!

Next time, I’ll write it down with my pen.

Now I’m making a note: “Marbles in jeans.” 

I’ll almost have twenty throughout my teens.

Until then, at least I found my marbles.

I might’ve gone crazy and spoke in garbles.

Happy! Happy! That’s what I am, 

A girl with marbles and a monogram.


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters