Thursday, June 18, 2020

Welcome to Story Lane: The Story of a Neighborhood of Fables

Welcome to Story Lane, my friend!

A place where fiction and real-life blend. 

You might meet Cinderella on the corner,

And then cross the street to Little Jack Horner.

Little Red Riding Hood might give you desserts.

If a wolf is with her, beware of his hurts.

At the backyard picnic, you might meet Beauty, 

Who thought loving the Beast was more than duty. 

If Tarzan swings from the tallest trees,

He thinks it’s the jungle with a calm breeze.

Snow White likes to eat crispy apples, 

But has a hard time with the wedding chapels.

Alice in Wonderland has a rabbit as a pet. 

How she fell down a hole, she might forget!

If the neighbors have gold from Treasure Island,

It might be hidden in a rustic highland. 

If Sleeping Beauty naps throughout the day, 

It’s only because she keeps wrinkles at bay.

Rapunzel might let her hair down behind her,

And it’s the only way that you’re sure to find her.

Goldilocks sure likes to eat her porridge!

Standing up to the Three Bears took some courage. 

Peter Pan always wants to be young,

And fairies with him have a song that’s sung.

The Ugly Duckling might waddle around, 

But the pond on the bank is the place he’s found.

Three Little Pigs should be cautious with fire, 

And their building skills leave lots to be desired.

Pinocchio has been known to tell some lies. 

If you look closely, you can see truth in his eyes.

There’s always a story about to be written. 

Once in a while, someone new is smitten.

If you want adventure, make it your home. 

Change your name and become a gnome!


Copyright 2021 Jennifer Waters