Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Whale Song: The Story of a Humpback

If you’re floating in the ocean, 

And you hear a pretty song,

It might not be a person

Who holds the note so long!

Whales can be composers

Like Beethoven and Bach. 

Sing to speak while swimming

Is the way humpbacks talk. 

If you want to speak to them,

You must respond in chime,

Musicality, and resonance,

But you won’t need a rhyme!

Whistling through the waves

Can be a romantic thought,

Almost like you’re gliding

Through the sea on a yacht!

So if you hear the music, 

As the water breaks the shore,

Sing your own sweet chant, 

And serenade some more!

A chorus in the seaway,

In which you’ve taken part,

Is the beginning of a symphony,

And you’re only at the start!

Crescendo through the meters

Until the end of your phrases.

Legato passages are best. 

The whole world makes praises!

Counterpoint with nature

Is what you will become. 

A melodious theme on earth

With your heart as the drum.


Copyright 2021 Jennifer Waters