Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Christmas Tuffet: The Holiday Story of Little Miss Muffet

If you need a Christmas tuffet, 
A seat to sit on, don’t you rough it! 
Remember the woman Little Miss Muffet, 
And ask for one as a stocking stuff-it.
Santa has presents in his budget.
Down the chimney, they will plummet.
Ask for a sleigh or a trumpet, 
Even if you think he will be reluctant.
In the end, you will be triumphant.
Just leave Santa a cookie or a crumpet.
By the time you blink, there’ll be a ruckus,
Like at a secret winter snowflake summit.
Take your gift, and don’t you covet
Someone else’s Christmas bucket.
Your greatest wish was a Christmas tuffet, 
And your dream might have been the toughest.
So sit on your stool like an elf or a puppet,
And be thankful you don’t live in a mud hut!

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters

Mrs. Santa Claus Cookies: The Story of a Snickerdoodle Woman

If you need a cookie on Christmas Eve, 
Mrs. Santa Claus has a few up her sleeve.
She has chocolate chip and almond biscuit, 
So much tastier than a greasy beef brisket. 
Macaroons with coconut and brownies with butter.
Fortune cookies make your heart flutter.
Oatmeal raisin and iced gingerbread men
Make you smile again and again.
Her favorite cookie in case you didn’t know
Is a snickerdoodle with cinnamon dough.
Baking soda, flour, and cream of tartar
With eggs and sugar for a quarter.
The spice smells like the holiday season.
Cookies are red and green for a reason.
You can add kisses or nuts for variation.
Hot chocolate with cream helps hydration. 
When leaving your cookie for Mr. Claus,
Take a moment and make a pause.
Learn from his wife about confection.
She’s an expert at cookie convection.
Then write him a note with your autograph
And have a hearty Christmastime laugh!

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters