Monday, September 8, 2014

Time Capsule: The Story of a Girl Who Built a Treasure Chest

Once there was a girl, who wanted to write a note to the future. When she started to put pen to paper, she knew that a note was not enough. So, she decided to make a time capsule, like a treasure chest with pirate gold. 

Instead of diamonds, she put a swatch of her braided hair in a jewelry box. The jewelry box would be her time capsule—elegant and gracious. Then she pressed a flower in her favorite book about roses and daisies. She placed the book on the bottom of the jewelry box with its shiny cover. She also put in her grandfather’s pocket watch with its golden chain.

Next to it she placed sheet music to a song that she wrote—note by note. She carefully wrapped the feather pen that she used to write the notes and fit it in the box. The feather on the pen came from the wing of an eagle that she found in its nest. Finally, she put in her favorite teddy bear named Freddie, who wore one of her socks as a shirt.

She thought someone in the future might need Freddie more than she did. Then she dug a hole in the backyard next to the swing set and buried the capsule. She wondered who would find it and what they would think of how time changed things. 

Most importantly, she hoped they liked the picture she snuck in of herself at age 14. Because the more time changed things, the more she hoped she would always be the same at heart.


Copyright 2015 Jennifer Waters

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