Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stuffin': The Story of A Thanksgiving Turkey

I am a Thanksgiving turkey named Stuffin’,

Fuller than a cranberry harvest muffin.

Once I had a tummy and big fat gut,

But now I’m full of you-know-what:

Potatoes, sausage, celery, and onion,

Just like the lumberjack, Paul Bunyan.

Apples, thyme, sage, and parsley 

Have been used and not-so-sparsely.

Chicken broth, cornbread, and two eggs

Are stuffed right down my scrawny legs.

Fresh ground pepper and olive oil

Help my skin to cook and broil. 

I’ve never been fuller in all my life,

But now I fear the carving knife.

If you have to eat me, at least be stuffed.

My feathers have been puffed and fluffed.

I know I taste better than the pumpkin pie,

Just like Honest Abe, I cannot tell a lie.

So, stuff yourself silly with gravy and meat!

Give thanks for every morsel of food to eat.

Be grateful you’re stuffed, and you’re loved.

I’ve been in the oven, where I’ve been shoved.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have some turkey breast.

Remember all your blessings and be blessed.


Copyright 2015 Jennifer Waters

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