Sunday, January 17, 2016


We all have a destiny . . . if we’re patient enough to wait until just the right time to shine. 

A new little star is given a very important mission to lead Wise Men to the birth of a special Child but is told this will not happen for a long, long time. The independent and impatient young star must withstand personal doubt, the taunts of older stars, the long stretch of eons, and the silence of the Galaxy. When it had just about given up, the little starburst into its predicted brilliant glory and led the Wise Men and others to the miracle in Bethlehem. 

Once upon a time a Christmas Star was born into the Universe. The Galaxy said its name was the Star of Bethlehem and although the smallest star in the Universe, its purpose was to shine brighter than any star ever on the night a Savior is born. Three Wise Men would travel with gifts for the child in a time of great danger and will need to see its light to find him.

The Little Star didn’t think its purpose sounded important enough. In fact, it wanted a different job—any other job. It wanted to be part of Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, or Orion. However, the Galaxy disagreed and said that the Universe is depending on its cooperation. For two thousand years, it will shine at half its light. Then at the appointed time, it will shine brighter than everything in the night sky. The Bethlehem Star tried to wait patiently for Christmas Eve.

As two thousand years passed, he thought the Galaxy had forgotten him. Even when the Little Star inquired of the Galaxy, there was only deafening silence. The Bethlehem Star withstood other stars’ taunting about shining at half its light, doubting it would ever shine fully. Tears dropped from the Bethlehem Star all the way to earth, creating reservoirs of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Orion once tried to take his job, saying a comet, a planet, an angel, or even a shooting star should shine for Christmas Eve—much better choices than the dim Little Star.

More years passed. The Little Star tried to force itself to flicker just a little brighter, even if it hurt to do so, but all its efforts were for naught. Then just when the Bethlehem Star was sure it had lost its chance for a miracle, the Galaxy spoke louder than before. It said the Little Star, not Orion, would shine over the Bethlehem manger where the Child was resting. As midnight approached on the first Christmas Eve, the Bethlehem Star suddenly lit the night sky. It was so bright that nearly everyone in the world could see its glow, but especially the three Wise Men. All at once, a great company of the heavenly host appeared, singing in the sky with hallelujahs. The Bethlehem Star was so excited to finally be shining. Even the angels could see how the legendary star shined so bright on Christmas Eve that the rest of the stars were amazed beyond belief. For as long as time lasts, everyone in the Universe will have heard of the Bethlehem Star and its luminous beauty.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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