Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Popsicles: The Story of Rainbow Ice Pops on a Stick

Popsicles, popsicles, oh, what a treat!

How wonderful to eat something so sweet!

The ice in the freezer cools my tongue.

I’ve eaten popsicles since I was young. 

On days I am happy, I eat red ice on a stick. 

Red popsicles make your lips look slick. 

The days I am tired, I try the orange kind.

Orange gives you energy and frees your mind.

On mornings it rains, I eat the color yellow. 

I need bright sunshine when the sky is mellow.

On afternoons outside, I enjoy ice that’s green. 

Green is delicious and tastes nothing like a bean.

On nights I feel sad, I eat two color blue. 

One isn’t enough of the melancholy hue. 

When I feel brave enough to be crazy, 

I eat indigo popsicles like a seaside daisy. 

When I can’t sleep, I try the violet flavor.

It puts me to bed with a dream I can savor. 

And when I’m hungry, I have one of each. 

A rainbow of popsicles is a like a day at the beach. 


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

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