Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sir Lion and the Lanky Giraffe: The Story of Roaring and Humming Out Loud

Sir Lion and the Lanky Giraffe were not exactly the best of friends. 

“I like to roar as loud as possible and scare everyone far and wide,” the Lion said. 

“Why do you like to do that?” the Lanky Giraffe said. “I like to hum, and when I hum,  

I am so quiet that everyone has to listen to hear me. So, they must stop making noise.”

“I’m the loudest! They will never hear your humming,” the Lion said.  

So, Sir Lion and the Lanky Giraffe went around roaring and humming. 

“Roar!” the Lion said in the loudest voice that he could possibly make.

Passersby shuddered and shook when they heard his gigantic voice. 

The Lanky Giraffe, who was able to twist his neck this way and that, got his head into everything, humming his heart away, much quieter than the Lion.

In contrast, people stopped and enjoyed his melodies, listening to every note. 

Then one day, when the duo was out among the bush, a poacher walked in the field.

He swung his gun over his shoulder, looking for animals to hunt. 

“Quick! Hide behind this tree,” the Lanky Giraffe whispered to Sir Lion. 

Since the Giraffe was tall and thin, he could blend in with the tree, but the Lion had a more difficult time, being chubby and round with a very full tummy.

Then, Sir Lion stepped on a branch that cracked and shuffled leaves. 

The poacher turned around, pointed his gun at the Lion with his finger on the trigger. 

Sir Lion was so scared of the hunter that he forgot to roar or even run. 

“Hmm, hmm, hmm,” the Lanky Giraffe hummed from beside the tree. 

“What in the world is that?” the poacher said, stepping toward the Giraffe. 

Before the poacher could say another word and shoot anyone in the bush, 

Sir Lion jumped on the man with a roar and devoured him in a heartbeat.

The Lanky Giraffe just kept humming, hoping that Sir Lion had learned his lesson. 

Sometimes, the quietest person in the jungle is the most powerful. 

Before you roar, hum to yourself to make sure you are heard.


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

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