Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Neighborhood Pet Store: The Story of Every Kind of Animal Known to Man

When I stop at the Neighborhood Pet Store,
I hold the hamsters, and then stay some more.
The fish in the pond are bright and wet,
But the parrots are the best things yet!
We have a chat, and they talk back.
They are bright orange and dark black.
As I look around the lively place,
I notice each animal has its space.
Mom said I could only have one pet.
I want to choose, and not regret.
I’ll take a cat, a raccoon, and a possum.
The three of them would be awesome!
A canary or a dove would be grand.
They almost make a pigeon seem bland.
Rabbits and guinea pigs are cute and soft,
But mice and rats should live in a loft!
A duck waddles left and then right,
While geese spread their wings in flight.
Pot-bellied pigs are good for a laugh,
Not nearly as thin as a tall giraffe.
Horses and goats belong in a barn.
Oh, what a tangled ball of yarn!
Lizards and snakes slither in the grass.
I’ll hide until the critters pass.
A gerbil is nice, a turtle might do,
But really what I’m wanting is you!
A cute little puppy with floppy ears.
Now everyone give hearty cheers!
You might be the runt of the litter,
But you’re the cutest with a little glitter.
I’ll rub my nose against your nose,
And buy you fancy doggy clothes.
I’ll build you your own canine house.
Maybe I should even buy you a spouse.
Dogs really are man’s best friend.
Their paws might even cause a trend.
Go visit The Neighborhood Pet Store!
Have fun and explore the place galore,
But in the end, I’ll always want the dogs.
Never toads, and never frogs!

Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

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