Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Beanstalk: The Story of Castles in the Sky

Jack once went up the Beanstalk
To find a castle in the sky.
From magic beans at the market,
The Beanstalk grew so high.
He traded his cow for the beans,
And his mother was distraught.
She thought he lost his mind,
After all the good she taught.
But Jack and his mom were poor,
And they needed a dime or two.
The Giant up the Beanstalk
Had a certain point of view.
He had a bag of golden coins
That Jack decided to steal.
He wanted to give his mom
An extra special meal.
A goose that laid a golden egg
And a harp that played by itself
Were other nifty treasures
That Jack acquired for his shelf.
When the Giant chased Jack
Down the Beanstalk in might,
Jack cut the creature down
And put an end to the fight.
The Giant fell to his death.
Jack and his mom were pleased.
Now Jack was never poor.
His mom would not be teased.
The downfall of the Giant
From his castle might be small,
But the Beanstalk wasn’t forgotten,
It held a mansion after all.
I wonder if I had magic beans,
If a tall Beanstalk would grow.
What I might find at the top,
You just never ever know!
Maybe I’ll meet Jack,
And he saved a magic bean.
Things down here on Earth
Are getting kind of lean.
A world could await above,
But maybe not what it seems.
What if meadows cover the horizon?
Like a cloud of lovely dreams.
One day, I’ll have a mansion
Up in the bluest atmosphere.
Until then I must be wise
With a sincere heart of cheer!
I don’t want a Giant to chase me
‘Cause he might grab me good!
He could eat me up for lunch.
Oh, yes, oh, yes, he could!
One day, I’ll climb the Beanstalk
Up to the heavens above.
Instead, I’ll send down magic
And every kind of love,
And I’ll give some to Jack,
And even the Giant troll,
Who might still be alive,
But he never told a soul.
Oh, I’ll brave the Beanstalk!
Yes, who knows what I’ll find?
Whatever awaits me up there  
Is like nothing from humankind.

Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

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