Monday, June 5, 2017

The Pink Chocolate Cigar Box: The Story of a Stork that Delivers Baby Girls

Once there was a stork who delivered baby girls,
In pink chocolate cigar boxes with a head of curls.
The stork flew strong all throughout the night,
With the babies fast asleep, as he took flight.
When he landed in a baby’s nursery room,
He tried to land without making a boom.
As the baby woke up in the morning air,
The family found a child instead of a teddy bear.
A pink chocolate cigar box sat by her side,
Which left the parents’ eyes open wide.
Chocolate cigars for the first eighteen years.
The family could share them and give great cheers
For the baby that would one day become a lady,
Until then she’d have to keep last names like O’Grady.
Of course, the stork gobbled up cigars on the sly.
Then, he waved his wings and said good-bye.
He had done his job, and he was onto the next,
Delivering babies was extremely complex.
The cigar boxes had to be bright pink,
And the cushions inside softer than you think.
The chocolate had to be semi-sweet,
And room enough for ten toes and ten feet.
Now, if you wanted a boy, you’d meet a different stork,
With blue cigar boxes, all the way from New York!

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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