Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Watermelon Seeds: The Story of the Magic Spitting Contest

Watermelon seeds are the magic of summer.
Fall, spring, and winter are such a bummer!
Yes, watermelon is sweet as sunshine,
But its insides are a hidden goldmine.
With seeds to spit as far as you can,
You’re a sailor that spits like a fisherman.
Planting seeds everywhere you go,
You never know what will grow:
A watermelon vine, tree, or field.
Your seed-spitting will have a yield.
So, let’s have a contest to see who wins!
Eat your watermelon through its skins.
Then, spit away to the left and right,
Front and back, day and night,
Until the seeds take root and blossom.
Oh, summertime will always be awesome!
On the back porch and by the lake,
On the riverbank and after eating cake,
The green and pink fruit taste like candy.
They're good for breakfast, at dessert they're dandy.
Roll them down the hill; float them in the pool.
Share them with a friend; they will keep you cool.
Watermelons are filled with such gems.
Their little seeds produce new stems
That are lit by fireflies in the night.
So, all the world is shiny and bright.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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