Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pizza Party Pizzazz: The Story of Pilled-High Pies

Pizza is as popular
As Italy’s famous boot.
First you roll the dough
Into a face that looks cute.
New York-style Pizza
Is wide with a thin crust.
Folding it when you eat
Is an extra tasty must.
Neapolitan pizza comes
With a fork and a knife.
Margherita style with
Tomatoes brings a good life.
Sicilian-style is thick
And squarer than the rest.
It’s cut in a rectangle.
With herbs, it tastes best.
Chicago-style pizza is
Deep with cheese and meat.
It takes a while to bake,
So, turn up the oven heat!
Detroit-style is square,
But it’s also lighter than air.
Wisconsin brick cheese
Instead of mozzarella fare.
Calzones are like dumplings
But apples aren’t their fill.
Cheese, veggies, and meat
Are folded in with a skill.
Crispy crust, soft crust,
Extra spicy pizza sauce.
Pizza toppings abound.
Sprinkle them with a toss.
Ham and pineapple,
Bacon and alfredo,
Barbecue and chicken
Is a very good credo.
Onion with caramel
And mushrooms on top.
Throw on the pepperoni,
Plop, chop, plop.
Cheese is nice for melting.
Flavor it all away!
Parmesan on mozzarella
Is good any ol’ day.
If you want to go all out,
Make a pizza cake
Like a bundt cake roll.
It won’t be a mistake.
Or pigs in a blanket,
Pizza pretzels for a change.
Stromboli, or fruit pizza
With a theme you can arrange.
Everyone loves pizza!
You can never loose.
Have a party day or night!
Dessert pizza with a juice.
Pile your pizzas high
With lots of pizzazz.
Turn up the music
Pizza has a lot of jazz!

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters 

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