Friday, March 30, 2018

Cockatoo: The Story of a Parrot Who Lost His Voice

Cockatoo, Cockatoo, I can’t hear you!
Wherever did your voice go? 
Is it traveling to-and-fro?
Cockatoo, Cockatoo, can you hear me?
I’m talking rather loudly. 
I’m feeling rather proudly. 
Cockatoo, Cockatoo, I think I caught a glimpse!
Your voice is in your throat, 
But you swallowed it like a goat. 
Cockatoo, Cockatoo, can you burp it up?
Find your voice again. 
So, you can speak to men. 
Cockatoo, Cockatoo, it might be coming back. 
I hear it growing stronger. 
Speak out a little longer!
Cockatoo, Cockatoo, your voice is loud and clear.
I'm glad I made you find it. 
Now you'll have to get behind it.

Copyright 2019 Jennifer Waters

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