Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Donkey Riddles: The Story of Puzzles and Problems

If you meet a donkey on the side of the road, 
Make sure to ask him to speak to you in code. 
Yes, donkeys talk a lot in languages galore. 
There are many topics that you can explore. 
Ask the donkey to tell you a simple riddle. 
If you feel inclined, you can play him like a fiddle. 
Then you will know the riddle, and you can share
With neighbors and friends, when they’re acting square. 
Riddles are tricky, and you have to think twice. 
Sometimes it’s like lying and that’s not very nice,
But riddles make you think far beyond yourself,
Or the books that are sitting on your lofty shelf.
So, stop and tell a donkey “hello” from time to time. 
Donkeys have a lot to say and even speak in rhyme.

Copyright 2019 Jennifer Waters

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