Monday, November 26, 2018

The Christmas Accordion: The Story of a Holiday Melodeon

The Christmas Accordion has magic in its notes.
It makes you think of merriment and happiness floats.
The melodeon is a squeezebox with a secret inside. 
It holds music and melodies and brings the Yuletide. 
The concertina is a symphony you hold upon your lap
When you’ve just settled down for a short winter’s nap. 
It only plays Christmas songs, not a note of May or June. 
The stomach Steinway has a song vault that’s always in tune.
So wind up the box, and see what it plays for you. 
It will pick your holiday song, a song that’s bright and true. 
It’s almost as a fortune of old mysteries from the deep. 
The songs are something that the Accordion couldn’t keep. 
Now sit by the fireside and instead of a Christmas chat,
Expect a song from heaven with musicality that’s pat. 
You might even see the notes linger from the box. 
Catch them if you can, like a little sly silver fox. 
The songs will make you sing ‘till you can sing no more,
Make you dance ‘till you scratch your shiny kitchen floor. 
It always plays the song that you need at the time,
Giving you Christmas gifts that are like a brilliant chime. 
Then your heart becomes an accordion just like the instrument
And your life becomes the world’s most precious ornament. 
All because you squeezed room for Christmas chorus reeds
With lots of love and light and a season of very good deeds.  

Copyright 2019 Jennifer Waters

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