Friday, May 3, 2019

Joey the Koala: The Story of an Australian Bear on Walkabout

Walkabout, walkabout, 
So many people talkabout
Walkabout all the time, 
But what are they talkin’ about?
I am Joey the Koala, 
And I know how to walkabout.
You put your left foot forward,
And your right foot will follow,
You do this on days
When the world seems hollow.
You can’t stay stuck.
You can’t stay still.
You have to keep movin’
And that’s the drill. 
If you see me walkin’,
And I can’t stop to speak,
You’ll have to forgive me
And turn the other cheek,
Because I’m not just talkin’
About what my life will be.
I’m into walkin’ into great things,
And that’s all up to me

Copyright 2019 Jennifer Waters

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