Sunday, August 4, 2019

Melissa Missy: The Story of a Bee Princess Who Loved Honey

Once there was a girl named Melissa Missy, 
And everyone knew the girl was not a sissy. 
She had a crown of bees that circled her head.
Even when she slept, they flew over her in bed. 
She sat on her throne when she woke up, 
She drank sweet honey from her golden cup. 
Bees followed her wherever she went.
Stinging is something she tried to prevent. 
Honey is like candy, not nasty and mean. 
Buzzing is like singing, and she is a queen.
She sings on her throne with her crown of bees.
She always remembers to say thank you and please.
Her honeycomb is tasty, and it brushes her hair. 
The liquid sugar keeps her skin shiny and fair.
Her hive is her family and gives her much joy. 
She knows she is special and tries to be coy.
The busy bee has no time for tears and sorrow. 
She believes in love and has hope for tomorrow.

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters

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