Saturday, September 5, 2020

Christmas Stockings: The Story of Golden Dusty Chimneys

If you’re in need of a Christmas stocking, 

Take your cleanest sock from walking,

And stretch it to its farthest limit. 

If it’s too long, be sure trim it!

Try to pick one that’s red or green,

Or whatever you have that’s in-between.

Write your name with a magic marker!

The best kind is bright and darker. 

Then, hang it on the fireplace mantle.

If your feet are cold, wear your sandals.

Wait for Santa to fill your stocking with gifts!

Watch for him on open-eyed shifts. 

Down the golden chimney he’ll jump!

Toys and gifts he likes to dump. 

Now make a stocking for all your friends,

And that’s where this poem ends. 

Christmas is not just a stocking holiday,

But fill mine to the top please anyway!


Copyright 2021 Jennifer Waters

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