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Get your muffins while they’re hot!



The Muffin Man, a baker on Drury Lane in London’s West End, delivers fresh muffins to regular and new customers every dawn, including homeless patrons. His love interest Miss Olivia Davies gets extra-special muffins each morning along with a visit from his orangish cat named Ragamuffin. Despite a foolish knight, who threatens to duel The Muffin Man for the hand of Olivia, Drury Lane is quiet, simply home to many families and school children. Unimpressed by the false suitor, Olivia enjoys dinners by the fire with her Muffin Man, who regularly escapes his adversary. The Muffin Man is ready for the next batch of English muffins to be delivered. The neighborhood would not be the same without The Muffin Man!



One rainy and cold March morning, The Muffin Man, a baker on Drury Lane near Covent Garden in London’s West End, sets out with his umbrella and a fresh batch of warm English muffins. He bops down the street with a spring in his step. His orangish cat Ragamuffin is soaked from the drizzle as he follows The Muffin Man. Each morning, the baker has regular customers who enjoy his warm English muffins with salted butter. He stops by each of their homes, delivering his customers a morning treat like no other. Knocking on their doors, he hands them fresh muffins wrapped in quilted cloth napkins. He always takes extra muffins with him to sell to new customers that he might meet along the way. Ragamuffin joins him for the company and helps advertise the muffin business as the mascot. 


Regular customers like Mrs. Esme Mason want to make sure that everyone knows The Muffin Man, asking, “Do you know The Muffin Man, who lives on Drury Lane?” Her children gather ‘round her for their morning tasty joy. Of course, the people on the street laugh, digging in their pockets for change, believing that everyone knows The Muffin Man. They take muffins from his basket and pet his cat. Like most mornings, The Muffin Man also has special souls to whom he gives muffins for free, including an impoverished homeless gent who lives on the corner of Drury Lane. Although most people know of the baker who travels door-to-door, some people are surprised to meet him for the first time, including young school children.


One very special woman loves to make his acquaintance each morning, a schoolteacher named Miss Olivia Davies, who always has a new book in hand. He gives her flowers with her muffins, and she kisses him on the cheek. The Muffin Man warns that he has been bribed again from a foolish knight for a duel in her honor. Olivia tells him to decline the fight. Instead, she agrees to a meat pie for dinner with a plum and apple cobbler for dessert and to play dancing games. As The Muffin Man leaves Olivia’s flat, a man dressed in a medieval armor with a sword appears from nowhere. He wants to fight to the death for the hand of Olivia Davies. The Muffin Man says the opponent has clearly lost his senses. The Muffin Man throws the remaining batch of muffins into the air, confusing his attacker. He grabs Ragamuffin and runs down Drury Lane in retreat, as it pours rain. As The Muffin Man hurries inside his bakery and shuts the door, the foolish knight disappears. The baker shoves a muffin in his mouth with relief. Despite all, Olivia and The Muffin Man enjoy dinner by the fire, and The Muffin Man is home early enough to start his new batch of English muffins for morning delivery, just like every other morning.

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