Saturday, March 4, 2023

Queen Anne Doll: The Story of a Wooden Girl

I am a wooden doll. 

I feel stiff as a tree. 

I would like to be real. 

I would like to be free. 

My smile is too sharp. 

My dress is too tight. 

I tried to be perfect. 

It doesn’t feel right. 

My head is too oval. 

My waist is too thin.

My fingers look like forks. 

Oh, where to begin?

I am owned by the wealthy,

When I sit and when I rise.

I dance to their music. 

I never feel a surprise. 

Love would make me soft. 

Then I could feel warm. 

My hair would not be fake. 

I would not have to perform. 

I could tell my own secrets.

I could drink my own tea. 

I could make my own choices. 

I would dress up as me. 


Copyright 2023 Jennifer Waters

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