Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cupcake the Walrus: The Story of Lilith Flores and Her Freckles

Seven-year-old Lilith Flores spent every noontime recess alone on the playground. Although she had beautiful light orange-blond hair, she had enormous freckles. Her very fair skin made her freckles stand out so much that it looked like she had a rash. The other boys and girls on the playground made fun of her and never included her in their games.

Until one day, when Lilith was soaring on the swing set, she noticed a walrus on the swing next to her. The chubby walrus looked lonely with its blubber, long tusks, and whiskers. No one else on the playground talked to the walrus either, Lilith thought to herself. 

“Hello, Mr. Walrus, my name is Lilith. I am in the second grade and would love to be friends!” The walrus chuckled and hopped from the swing to find his lunchbox beneath the sliding board. 

“Would you like a cupcake? I have plenty to share in all the best flavors,” he said. 

“I would love a cupcake, especially one with colorful sprinkles,” Lilith said. 

After that day, Cupcake the Walrus and Lilith ate cakes under the sliding board during every recess. Since all the other children wanted to eat cupcakes, too, Lilith suddenly had many new friends. It never mattered any more that Lilith had freckles all over her fair-skinned face.

Freckles were almost like sprinkles on cupcakes, and cupcakes were too tasty to pass up from a walrus. 


Copyright 2015 Jennifer Waters

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