Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rachel Small: The Story of Cartwheels That Took A Girl To the Ocean

Five-year-old Rachel Small was the tiniest of all her brothers and sisters. 

“I want to go see the ocean!” Rachel would say every morning. 

She had only heard of the ocean, but never seen it face to face. Her older brothers and sisters had all seen the ocean, but they said she was too young.

“You’re too tiny to go to the ocean! Your feet would never be able to get you there!” 

But Rachel was an optimist and very good at believing for the impossible. One morning when she woke up, a light entered her room and filled her body with strength. As she looked in the mirror, she realized that she had grown a few inches in height.

Then she started doing cartwheels throughout the house, and no one could stop her. In fact, she did cartwheels all the way to the ocean’s shore—many miles from her house. 

After a few hours of cartwheels, her wrists and ankles swelled with pain, but she kept going. When she got to the ocean, she did a round off and stood in silence at the crashing of the ocean waves. She ran into the waves, laughing at anyone who told her she was too small.

Because she was not too small for anything; she was Rachel, and her faith was big enough.


Copyright 2015 Jennifer Waters

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