Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hopscotch: The Story of the Game of Numbers

Hopscotch! Oh, throw me a bone!

Can I play with you? Here’s a stone.

Now draw the outline with this chalk.

Fill in the numbers block by block.

I’ll count the numbers as you jump.

Let’s start with one! The stone goes thump.

Balance yourself with one foot.

Make your wobbling leg stay put.

Bend down and pick up the rock. 

Swoop the stone up like a hawk. 

Throw the stone to number two.

Then jump strong and stick like glue!

If the stone lands outside the line, 

Just try again, you’re doing fine.

Don’t jump ‘til you hit the mark.

You can get it in the ballpark. 

Next you jump to number three,

Landing on both feet is the key.

Toss the stone to the fourth square. 

Number four has certain flair. 

Then land on one leg with ease.

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. 

Breathe in deep and enjoy the sun.

Look how far you’ve come since one.

Cast the rock to number five. 

Jump with a smile and a hand jive. 

Bounce the rock to number six. 

Oh, what a bag of silly tricks!

The next is lucky number seven,

Four less than number eleven, 

But eleven isn’t on the grid. 

By number ten, flip your lid!

Now ten is the larger goal. 

Next is eight; you’re on a roll.

Land with both feet on nine.

Almost there! The finish line. 

Calmly toss the stone to ten,

And I’ll say I knew you when!

I knew you when you were at one,

The place where you had begun,

But ten is now the place to be.

I know that you must agree!

If you want to descend the scale, 

Backtrack across the trail. 

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

Jump backwards across the bricks.

Five, four, three, two, one,

It’s my turn! Your round is done.

Glad you let me play with you!

You jumped like a kangaroo.

Learn your numbers: one to ten. 

Then write them with your ink pen. 

Young and old; old and young.

Numbers might as well be sung. 

Hopscotch is for kids of all ages.

For all the world on all its stages!


Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

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