Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Enchanted Ferris Wheel: The Story of Amusement at a Delightful Pier

Once there was an Enchanted Ferris Wheel.
It rotated on steel, and you could make it a deal.
It sat by the ocean at the boardwalk pier,
Sparkled in lights and squeaked its gear.
When you got upon its passenger car,
You could ride to the sky and catch a star.
The conductor gave you a ticket for a dime,
And you promised to have a grand ole time.
By the time you landed, you could change,
If you wanted to change, although it felt strange.
Maybe your name, maybe your smile,
Maybe your hair, maybe your style.
Up in the air, you could see the moon,
Little Boy Blue, and his silver spoon.
Your perspective would never be the same,
And the ride would be your claim to fame.
You started out the old version of you,
But then you became everything new.
So, take a trip on the Enchanted Ferris Wheel,
Where all your wishes will soon be real!

Copyright 2016 Jennifer Waters

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