Monday, January 2, 2017

The Sparkling Playful Tickled-Pink Parasol: The Story of Maisie Opal

Tell me if you’re gloomy.
Tell me if you’re mad.
If your heart is lonely,
If your person’s mad,
My tickled-pink parasol
Will find you in your turmoil.
It’s sparkling and bright,
And its magic doesn’t spoil.
If I poke you in the side,
You’re bound to burst a giggle.
Then, we can spin in a circle,
And you can do a wiggle,
Until your sorrows leave you,
Floating off into the air.
No one deserves the blues.
Troubles better beware.
My parasol will find you
When you least expect it.
If heartbreak comes your way,
Its canopy will reflect it.
Shade in the summer.
Shelter in the rain.
Its dainty and lovely.
I can even entertain,
To crowds of people
In the town square,
Or under a steeple,
It acts like a prayer.
So, if you see me coming,
With my playful umbrella,
My name is Maisie Opal,
Almost like Cinderella.
I’m older than you think.
I never look my age.
Eight is a good year,
But I prefer the up stage,
Where I can dance and sing,
With my parasol tickled pink.
I want to make you happy!
I hope I make you think.
My umbrella is sparkling,
Glistening just for you!
So, cry until you laugh.
Your dismal days are through!

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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