Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Jellybeans: The Story of a Basket Full of Candy

Now children let me tell you an Easter story,
Of magic and wonder in all its glory.
Easter Jellybeans always leaves a trail,
Not of bunny fur, but what a tale!
His basket overflows with candy beans,
Made of colorful sugar; it’s in his genes.
Just like tiny eggs, he lays the egg-like shapes.
He hops and bops, sometimes he traipses,
Reminding the world that springtime has come.
Gardeners get ready to use your green thumb!
Be on the lookout for his jellybean drops.
His ears are fluffy and flop when he hops.
The jellybeans have original fruit flavors,
Something for everyone and fun favors:
Raspberry, coconut, apricot, pear,
Strawberry, cherry, cinnamon bear,
Banana, honey, peach, orange, mint,
Blueberry, apple; now let me give you a hint . . .
The flavors go on and on forever,
But at Eastertime, they taste the best ever.
Pick your jellybeans from the rabbit’s basket.
The bunny is loveable and such a mascot,
For Resurrection and Easter miracles galore!
Give him a hug when he comes to your door.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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