Friday, April 14, 2017

Kimono: The Story of Hanako Suzuki

Oh, I haven’t got a care,
But I need a thing to wear!
Hanako Suzuki is my name.
Finding a kimono is my aim,
A full-length robe to be polite,
Colorful with a touch of white.
I’m not more than ten years old,
But I’ll be a sight to behold.
Good manners with an ankle hem,
Wide sleeves and a diadem.
A sash goes around my waist.
My tailor must make haste!
I need the dress for a special tea.
My attire is all they will see,
And my shoes like a flip that flops,
With split toe socks from the shops.
My kimono will be sewn by hand.
A machine would never understand
Its delicate fabric and elegant style.
The fashion sense makes me smile.
Its price might be a little steep,
But it’s an outfit that I can keep.
I’ll need help to put it on me.
It has twelve pieces not just three.
When I’m married, my kimono changes.
Dresses have their own age ranges.
After I’m dressed in my own kimono,
I’ll help find one for your persona.
Men’s kimonos are simpler by far,
Five pieces would even impress a Tsar.
Wrestlers like to wear the bright robes,
From their toes up to their ear lobes.
When done wearing, it should be aired,
Then folded for next time, well-prepared.
The summertime festival is a must:
A kimono with a pinch of gold dust.
I can dance with my gorgeous fan,
Down to my knees; yes, I can!
Just like cherry blossoms fall,
I twirl like a beautiful Japanese doll,
Dressed in the fabric of the ages,
And full of wisdom from the sages:
If you don’t enter the tiger’s cave,
You won’t catch its cub who’s brave.
Be brave enough to try a new dress!
Fashion clothed in faithfulness.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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