Friday, November 1, 2019

Christmas and December: The Story of Two Wintertime Sheep

Once there was a pair of wintertime sheep,
Christmas and December over fences would leap.
Everyone loved Christmas and paid him attention. 
December was cute, too, but hardly got a mention.
Since Christmas had his own day, December 25th
It made some competition, and the sheep had a riff.  
Christmas would have been nothing without December, 
And he liked his brother much more than November. 
December was actually born before Christmas, 
A side note but an important point of business. 
On the 24th, December came into the world.
But Christmas came to life on the 25th and whirled. 
So Christmas decided that December must be known, 
And his reputation must increase, as he is not alone. 
Christmas can’t keep the 25th all to himself, 
All month long, he shares the Christmas wealth!
Now December and Christmas are equally important, 
And Christmas Day really can’t be shortened! 

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters

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  1. Another sweet song/poem from PenJen, and in time for the Holiday Season.