Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sled Dog: The Story of an Alaskan Husky

Just in case a snowstorm has come to town, 
You might need a sled dog to get around.
So if you find him at your front door, 
Hop on board and get ready to explore.
Your guide has paws and a doggy tail,
And he’ll take you on a winding trail.
Ups and downs and to-and-fro,
Through a world of endless snow. 
Most sleighs have horses with Christmas bells,
But huskies have many similar parallels.
He might bring with him a couple friends
To help him pull you through the bends.
Almost like riding in a toboggan,
Just try to protect your noggin.
Hold on tight; breathe the Alaskan air.
Watch out for a roaming grizzly bear.
It’s better than taking a rollercoaster.
At home, warm up your oven toaster.
Your sled dog is your new companion. 
A wonder the size of the great Grand Canyon.

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters

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