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A wedding cake baker puts magical romantic notes in Christmas sweets and finds lasting love for himself and everyone else.


Tom Smith gets more than he bargained for when his own magical love notes enchant a customer in his wedding cake shop into falling in love with him. After reading the note in her Christmas cracker, she wants to marry him and eat wedding cake for the rest of her life. His wedding cake shop becomes known as a place where romantic messages for his customers prove true. His Christmas crackers are a worldwide phenomenon!


Tom Smith, a wedding cake baker from Clerkenwell, London, loves Christmas crackers. His wedding cakes sit delicately in his shop window on fine china, decorated with colorful icing. Waiting for his own true love, he just keeps baking wedding cakes. In the year 1847, he introduces his crackers, which crackle like logs put on a fire in a twist of paper. Then one day, an elegant customer walks in the shop and announces that she has found a wedding cake for when she gets married. Mr. Smith asks when the wedding date is, so that the cake is finished on time. She explains that she’s not engaged yet, but she will be very soon when she finds the right man. Mr. Smith sighs, handing her a brochure of his cake designs. The lovely woman takes samples of chocolate wedding cake from the counter. 

Then, she inquires as to the other samples, and Mr. Smith explains that those are his Christmas crackers. Since his bonbons slumped in sales, he put love messages in his sweets. Believing that she needs all the love messages that she can get, she grabs a handful. Mr. Smith says he’s considering putting jewelry and toys in some of them instead of sweets for fun. He thinks that expanding the merchandise might increase business. She opens her first cracker with a pop. At first Mr. Smith says he called the crackers ‘cosaques’ after the noise from Cossack’s whips, but he later decided on Christmas crackers. Reading the love note in her Christmas cracker, the brunette woman gasps, looking up at Mr. Smith. She whispers out loud: “You’ve just met your true love.” Mr. Smith stammers and scratches his head. He tells her not to take the fortunes on the love notes too seriously. Before Mr. Smith could say anything else, his mystery customer throws her arms around him and kisses him. She asks him to marry her, and she says that she’ll take every wedding cake in his shop for the rest of her life.


At first, Mr. Smith tries to fight back, but after a moment, he figures there is no use in fighting with a gorgeous woman who loves his sweets. Christmas crackers! Mr. Smith cheers, kissing her back. He asks her to be his Mrs. Smith. She says “of course” and takes a handful of cake and smashes it in his face and hair. He takes a handful of cake and smashes it in her face and hair as well, and they both look radiant. So, Mr. and Mrs. Smith live happily ever after with wedding cakes and love all around them. Their shop becomes known as a magical place where romantic messages read by customers prove true every time, even if there are a few bumps along the way. Each year at Christmas, Christmas crackers sell in the millions all over the world because of their lasting love.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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