Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Paper Hearts: The Story of Valentina Love

Paper hearts, paper hearts,

Strung together like a row of darts.

A girl named Valentina Love

Hangs them up like wings of a dove.

If your heart is broken, or it’s cold, 

She’ll make yours new, I’ve been told.

A singular heart for your chest.

Red is the color that beats the best.

She’ll paste it on with tape or glue.

Before you know it, you’re brand new.

If you only had a beating heart, 

You’d know you have another start.

Like the Tin Man in The Wizard Oz,

If you had a heart, you’d find a cause.

You’ll fall in love, or love would fall.

Love would shower you all-in-all. 

Valentina hangs hearts from trees, 

And she doesn’t ask if she can, please. 

Strands and strands of paper hearts

Help friends and strangers do their parts.

If she wraps you in a twine of hearts, 

You’ll know she had some extra smarts. 

Somehow, she realized you were sad, 

And your sadness really made her mad.

She knew one heart was not enough, 

And your day must have been so rough. 

She snips away with her scissor blades

And causes hearts of many shades. 

Everyone should have a heart, 

And if you’re lucky, it’s a work of art.


Copyright 2021 Jennifer Waters

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