Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mr. Pelican Goes Fishing: The Story of Catching Your Supper

Mr. Pelican needs to catch his supper!

The bird’s first name is known as Tucker. 

He scoops his beak into the river. 

He thinks the waves will be a giver. 

If asked, he will eat almost anything,

And so will most of his tiny offspring. 

See turtles and birds swallowed in whole,

As ducks and goslings crawl in a hole. 

He’s not the nicest creature around.

If he sees your toes, they might ground. 

Ground up in his stomach into pieces.

Toes weren’t meant to have decreases.

Lookout for the pelican finding his food,

Or you might be the one pursued. 

Mr. Pelican is always hungry!

He lurks throughout the back country. 

If you meet him, try to give him cookies. 

Then, run like you aren’t with the rookies. 

The sugar will fill his belly in full,

And he can’t over your eyes pull wool.


Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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