Sunday, March 6, 2022

Old Faithful: The Story of Cheyenne the Horse

There once was a horse named Old Faithful. 

He could talk like a regular man.

The four-legged friend was so grateful.

His family called him Cheynenne. 

He was there when you needed him.

He was there when you called. 

If you wanted a ride somewhere, 

He was more than enthralled. 

The cowboys loved his strut and spark.

He escaped several deathly shoot outs.

He watched shooting stars fall at dark.

He liked flaming campfires, no doubts. 

If you hear about a brown horse, 

That sounds like it could be him,

Ask them if he spoke aloud, 

And if he sometimes took a swim. 

The tumbleweed burned in his blood.

Oh, how he liked to carry a tune!

If you fell off his leather saddle,

His neck worked just like a spoon. 

He never left you all alone.

No matter how lost you became. 

He was a friend to the friendless.

That’s how he got his famous name. 

There once was a horse named Old Faithful. 


Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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