Monday, September 19, 2022

"Home Run" in KISSES

William Murrie, Milton Hershey's right hand man at his chocolate company who loves baseball, sings "Home Run."


Step up to the plate.

Swing, batter, batter swing!

If you make it to first base,

Then try to run the ring.

Second base is much 

Farther than first.

Third is almost there.               

Your heart wants to burst,

And hit a home run.

Hit a home run!



When I get my chance

To knock the ball out of the park,

You’ll try to strike me out,

But I will make my mark.

Nine innings in a game!

So much old-time fun! 

My baseball will fly

As far as the golden sun,

And hit a home run.

Hit a home run!



I’ll go all the way,

And stop for nothing less

Than victory today.

Yes, I will have success!



The fans in the stands

Eat cotton candy and soda pop.

Cracker jacks and hot dogs

Peanuts thrown at Shortstop.

We’re in the major leagues.

The minors are behind.

Chocolate baseball supreme.

Kiss me, and be kind.

Oh, hit a home run.

Hit a home run!


Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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