Saturday, April 1, 2023

Einstein: The Story of Relativity

E equals M C squared!

Quantum mechanics is declared

By a man who loved Mozart

With his big physicist heart.

Albert Einstein played the violin,

Held so close to his pudgy chin.  

He lived his daydreams in music. 

Melodies are more than human. 

Music and science are the same,

Just called by a different name. 

His mother Pauline played piano, 

And sometimes she sang soprano. 

She taught him violin sonatas. 

Almost like operatic La Traviata.

So everywhere Einstein went,

He took his violin as a gent.

Obsessed with the nature of light,

His high IQ brought insight. 

From Switzerland to New Jersey, 

His equations were more than worthy.

Lina was his instrument’s title. 

A nickname was extremely vital.

The violin was part of his genius,

The smartest man from Earth to Venus.

A Nobel Prize sat on his shelf. 

He liked to always think for himself. 

Music was central to all that he did,

Ever since the scientist was a kid.

Mozart and Bach had simplicity.

Einstein’s theories had relativity.

Chamber music at the home of friends.

A battered violin case to no ends.

Holiday music at Halloween and Christmas.

Escaping the Nazis was quite a business.

He might not have had perfect form,

But musical scientists were not the norm.

All his heart, soul, and sincerity

Were such a complete and utter rarity!

He kept kosher and observed the Sabbath.

Singing his prayers was a daily habit.

He always spoke out against racism, 

And his brilliant mind had no atheism. 

A spirit rules the laws of the universe. 

Musical brilliance is creative and diverse.

Learn from yesterday, live for today.

Hope for tomorrow is the smartest way!


Copyright 2023 Jennifer Waters

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