Friday, September 8, 2017

Prepositions as Suppositions: The Story of Phrases with Nouns and Pronouns

About a preposition,
Above a noun,
Across a sentence,
After a frown,
Against all odds,
Along a street,
Amid a storm,
Among the wheat,
Around the corner,
As a friend,
At the diner,
Before the bend,
Behind the window,
Beside the bed,
Between the bookshelves,
Beyond the stead,
By the river,
Considering the truth,
Despite the trouble,
Down the booth,
During the day,
Except with love,
Excluding failure,
Following a dove,
For the winners,
From the best,
In the morning,
Inside the rest,
Into the evening,
Near the door,
Off the deep end,
On the floor,
Onto the table,
Outside the wall,
Over the window,
Past the hall,
Per the letter,
Plus the check,
Regarding the mistake,
Round the deck,
Save for one,
Since the first,
Through the tunnel,
To the cloudburst,
Toward the sunlight,
Under the tree,
Until the beginning,
Up the sea,
Upon the horizon,
With a blend,
Within the circle,
Without an end.

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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