Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Skeletons: The Story of Halloween Bones

Everyone has a bedroom closet
Where they hang their fancy clothes,
But Halloween brings costume time,
From your nose to your toes.
So, before you put your outfit on,
And act all mean and goblin-scary,
You can sweep your closet clean,
Not a thing from spring to bury.
If you want to hang your skeleton up
In the closet on a soulish hanger,
Make sure to hang it super softly,
Or it might cause a real loud banger!
If it falls to the closet floor in ruins,
And breaks into a million pieces,
You’ll have to put it back together,
And the madness never ever ceases.
Two hundred seventy bones at birth
Becomes two hundred six bones strong,
Tiny bones to help you to hear,
Three in each ear, and you can’t go wrong.
The Skull holds the face together.
The cranium is the proper word.
The mandible, maxilla, and shoulder girdle
Make me sound just like a nerd.
The clavicle and scapula are more precise,
If you want to know particulars.
And there are many other bones,
A lot of them are perpendiculars!
The vertebral column is quite complex.
The ribs and sternum hold their own.
The humerus bone is always funny!
The femur, tibia, and fibula well-known.
They can break into many little parts.
Oh, the tarsals and the metatarsal sections
And the phalanges can crack like that!
It’s always good to count your collections.
So, before you give a trick or treat,
Hang up your skeleton for Happy Halloween.
It’s not always the type of October-thing
That you would ever want to be seen.
Then put on a costume for the ages!
Something creative that has a tale,
A hero or a king or a princess story,
Your skeleton will never leave a trail.
All the bones will hang up in the closet,
And you can shut the creaky door.
Collect the neighbors’ skeletons, too,
And you’ll be a part of Halloween lore!

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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