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An important destiny makes personal sacrifice a noble thing, especially when love, loyalty, and friendship are also involved.    

The Kingly Salamander’s ancient destiny is to save a young village girl so she can become a princess. Over the years they become friends, and he hopes no harm will come to her. But when she’s threatened by a wildfire destroying all the nearby villages, he steps up to his mission and sacrifices himself so she and her beloved prince can start life anew in peace and happiness for generations to come.

Before time began, flames burn beneath the Earth, creating all living creatures, including a fantastic amphibian: The Kingly Salamander. Its red leather skin with black spots is incombustible, and the Creator tells him that his fire-proof blood will save the life of Aliza Lazarus so she can marry the prince of her village. Over thousands of years and many adventures, he comes across The Village of Adar which is in an inhumane war for precious diamonds. Once a place of upright people who loved its neighbors, it has become dark and violent. However, Aliza, a beautiful, young peasant girl who collects flowers in the field, dreams of being a peaceful princess one day.

The Kingly Salamander follows the girl back to her mud hut and watches from a distance, admiring the girl that he would die for one day. When young Prince Gabor arrives on a white horse with silver and gold trappings, the Salamander slips into Aliza’s pocket and hears her promise the Prince that she hasn’t told her parents his father is King of The Village lest they forbid her friendship with the Prince, who would be told to marry a nobleman’s daughter. So, they meet in private and become closer than most at a young age. As months turn into years, the Kingly Salamander and Aliza become friends, and the amphibian realizes what a good Queen she could be. He questions that he would ever have to give his life for her. Then, one windy night, the Prince arrives, whispering for Aliza with panic. A fire is growing in the hills and is bound to reach Aliza’s home by morning. Although he can’t take Aliza’s parents with her, he might be able to save himself and her. Aliza quickly slides the Kingly Salamander into her pocket and crying silently, leaves with Gabor, knowing her family would most likely die in the flames. Three days later, the two arrive in the brush near the ocean, waiting for the prince’s father to join them.

As Aliza falls asleep on Gabor’s shoulder, a huge gust of wind appears over the mountains, blowing the fire to the sea. The two are so tired they don’t notice the devouring flames coming toward them. With tears in his eyes and knowing his destiny, the Kingly Salamander throws himself on a nearby rock. His blood splatters on Aliza and Gabor. When the fire reaches the sea, it burns through the brush where Aliza and Gabor sleep, but the flames don’t touch the two who are covered in the blood of the Kingly Salamander. Aliza and Gabor realize that the fires have destroyed not only the people of The Village, but also his father’s noble household. Finding the remains of the Kingly Salamander, Aliza picks up the ashes of the amphibian, wishing to have a son called Salamander. As the decades pass, King Gabor and Queen Aliza live long and happy lives in peace, and their son Prince Salamander is kind and strong, and fire never singes him or his kin. The Creator returns the Salamander to the eternal fire, and his image burns in the flames for the rest of time for everyone who is looking for him.

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