Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Coming of Christmas: The Story of a Rhyming Advent Calendar

Come boys and girls!
Come one and all.
Get your Christmas calendars.
Hang them on the wall.
The days ‘til Christmas Eve
Are twenty-four to count.
It seems like a lot,
But it’s a very small amount.
Open the doors wide
For each day on the chart.
Behind each tiny door
You’ll find a sweet or a tart,
And maybe you’ll find a poem,
Or an extra special story
Of Jesus and angels
And Christmastime glory.
You might get a puzzle,
Or a game that gives you fun,
Or a picture with a riddle
That has a quirky pun.
The best gift will come
With the arrival of St. Nick.
By the 25th day of December,
He arrives with reindeer click.
Count the days on your fingers
And when you run out of toes,
You can use your two ears,
Your two eyes and your nose.
Look for the man in the suit
With a sleigh that can fly.
Christmas will be here
In the twinkling of an eye!

Copyright 2018 Jennifer Waters

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