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The Polar Forest is tested by the Nasty North Wind until three evergreen trees save the Littlest of Little Birds. 

When the Nasty North Wind wants to test the Polar Forest’s loyalty, it almost kills the Littlest of Little Birds until the Three Evergreen Trees come to its rescue. The Christmas Frost King then banishes the Nasty North Wind to the Arctic, except for the winter season. Although he can leave the other trees naked, he can never again pluck from the Evergreens, and the Little Bird sings in the court of the Christmas Frost King forever. 

The Nasty North Wind is in a fierce argument with the Christmas Frost King about the Polar Forest. It wants to test the trees of the Polar Forest to see if they are faithful to the Christmas Frost King. Sure of the love and compassion of the Polar Forest, the Frost King says the Nasty North Wind may test the trees, but he cannot kill them, and only for the winter season. The Nasty North Wind is sure the trees won’t care about the animals of the forest or their king. The Frost King slams his ice scepter again the palace wall, sending rays of light into the North Wind, causing him to shrink. He tells him to be gone and don’t return until the test is complete. Furthermore, he is sure that the Spruce Tree, the Pine Tree, and the Little Juniper Tree will stand tall against the wind, and if the Frost King is wrong, then he will give his throne to the Nasty North Wind. However, if the North Wind is wrong, then he will be banished into the Antarctic never to return to the North. 

So, the Nasty North Wind sets out through the Polar Forest, sending the worst storms in years with sleet, rain, snow, and ice. However, a creature like the Littlest of Little Birds can’t even fly fast enough to escape the wind to shelter. The Little Bird has lost most of its feathers by now, has a hard time flying, and can no longer sing with its sore throat. With that, the Spruce Tree, Pine Tree, and Little Juniper Tree pick their roots from the ground and walk forward through the Polar Forest, past the Birch Tree, Oak Tree, and Willow Tree, and shield the Littlest of Little Birds. The Three Evergreen Trees, who are green in every season, spread kindness in the Polar Forest, causing all the other evergreen trees of the Polar Forest to defend every large and small animal throughout the wintertime storms. Although the Nasty North Wind blasts gales and gusts, which are deathly typhoons, the Evergreens stand tall. The harder the Wind blows against the Evergreens, the more resolute the Three Trees become to defeat him. So, the Little Bird lives to see the springtime and sings a new song. 

When the Nasty North Wind returns to the Christmas Frost King, the Wind cannot believe that he has lost the wager. The Christmas Frost King decrees that for the rest of his days he will not touch any spruce, pine, or little juniper trees on Earth. He is banished to the Arctic, except for the winter season. Each fall when the season turns to winter, he may wreak havoc on the other trees, especially the birch, oak, and willow trees. If he must, pluck their leaves and leave them naked. However, he will never pluck a needle from the Evergreens of the Earth. He will also never attack the Frost King’s palace again. Then the Christmas Frost King calls forth the Littlest of Little Birds. For the rest of her days, the Little Bird sang in the court of the Christmas Frost King, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Copyright 2022 Jennifer Waters

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