Wednesday, June 26, 2019


There’s always time to sing praises full of Comfort and Joy!

The Hallelujah Angel Orchestra is getting ready to perform for the most important night in history: Christmas Eve. Although it doesn’t go exactly as planned when the shepherds run for the hills taking the sheep with them, the angels Comfort and Joy find Mary and Joseph in the manger with a new baby boy. Eventually, the shepherds somehow make it to the manger after all, even if it doesn’t seem like they will ever find their way. 

The angels Comfort and Joy get orders from the higher-ups that they’re performing a last-minute concert over Bethlehem tomorrow. The occasion is none other than God decided to send his Son to live on Earth, and this is his entrance, or according to Gloria, the Hallelujah Angel Orchestra’s supervisor, it’s one of the most important evenings in history. 

The Hallelujah Angel Orchestra practices into the wee hours of the morning and into the next afternoon. By the midnight hour on Christmas Eve, the angels are in place over Bethlehem. When Comfort and Joy appear in the sky with the glory of God, the shepherds stop in place, shaking in fear. They start to run for the hills. 

At that, the sheep scatter, and the shepherds drop many of their crooks in the chaos of the event. By the time Comfort and Joy finish the script, some of the shepherds have stood still long enough to listen to the song. Then, the shepherds run off as fast as they can, taking a few sheep with them, but losing the rest in the terror. Gloria thinks the effort is a complete failure. Comfort and Joy fly across the sky to give Gloria a hug, and the rest of the angels stand in silence with disappointment. Then, Comfort and Joy fly to the manger to see if the shepherds made it, just in case.

The duo finds Mary and Joseph in the manger with the baby; the shepherds have just arrived. Comfort can hardly believe his eyes, admiring the gifts of three very wealthy men that sit next to the shepherds. The shepherds were listening after all, Joy realizes, laughing out loud. Then, out of nowhere, Gloria lands in the middle of the manger. Because she is so upset, she pulls the shepherds by the ears. Every year from that year on, Gloria takes her annual vacation at Christmas, and Comfort and Joy are put in charge to spread the Christmas spirit.

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