Saturday, April 18, 2020

Camel Train: The Story of Getting Over a Hump

Once there was a camel who could not get over his hump. 
He had a hump on his back, and he didn’t like it one bit. 
The problem was that all camels had humps and bumps. 
A camel train of a hundred camels surely had a hundred humps. 
The bumpy camel was sure it wasn’t just him, but all camels alike. 
The problem was so large though because he hated his hump.
He tried to make it work for him, taking friends for rides. 
He wished it wouldn’t be against him, making him topple over.
From time to time, he tried to fill it with water in case of drought.
One day, when he was at his lowest point, he had an idea!
What if he left his horrible hump in the middle of the road?
Without a second thought, he did just that: shook it off on the roadside. 
So, be warned: if you come across a bump in the road, you found his hump.
Make sure you don’t trip, because the camel wouldn’t want you to get hurt. 
Just get over it with ease and leave it behind you with relief like the camel.
A bump in the road is only a bump and nothing to make you upset. 
Smooth traveling is up ahead with pleasant days beneath your feet.  

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters

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