Saturday, April 18, 2020

Happy Coloring Zone: The Story of a Box of Crayons

Once there was a box of crayons that lived in the Happy Coloring Zone. 
It was a happy place for the children that used the crayons in the cardboard case. 
Each color represented a different good feeling that they could bring into the world.
They could draw their hopes and hang them on the wall until they came true.
When the crayons got worn down, they struggled little by little and grew back.
As their wrappers tore, new coverings were put on the crayons by loving hands. 
Eventually, all the walls of the space were covered with pictures of every good thing.
The Happy Coloring Zone outgrew itself from one family home to another. 
It grew so large that it stretched across every time zone in the whole wide world.  
So, next time you’re sad, look for a Happy Coloring Zone, and you will soon be happy. 

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Waters

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